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Jazzing It Up with Ofer Portugaly
17 November 2017  |  Elma - Zicharon Yaacov | 22:00
Jazzing It UP with Ofer Portugaly
Iris Portugaly, Juka Perpignan,Gospel Choir

Ofer Portugaly – piano, arrangements and music production; Iris Portugaly - singing & drums; Ofer Ganor – guitar; Eran Zilberberg – singing & double bass; Juka Perpignan – percussion & singing; Gospel Choir - Voices

"Jazzing it Up with Ofer Portugaly" is a project combining a concept album with a series of live performances showcasing the country's leading singers and songwriters. Ofer Portugaly and his guests perform Jazzy versions of their familiar songs,
as a homage to Israeli music.

In the context of the "Jazzing it Up" project, Ofer Portugaly assembled an impressive line-up of artists whose songs had shaped the scenery of our collective childhood and youth, along with younger artists who made their mark in recent years:
Miki Gavrielov, Yehudit Ravitz, Doron Talmon (Jane Bordeaux) , Danny Robas, Ohad Hitman , Leah Shabbat, Din-Din Aviv, Sagiv Cohen, Alon & Yehuda Eder, Eli Magen, Nathan Cohen & Daphna Levi , Iris Portugaly, Yossi Fine & Ben Eilon.
Portugaly, an established pianist and arranger and a senior faculty member at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, is a highly regarded musician who has been creating, over the course of nearly three decades, original Israeli Jazz and unique arrangements for Israeli music staples. Throughout his career, Portugaly managed to link Jazz with the local culture and prove that "Jazz" is not a dirty word.
Through the familiar songs and the artists taking part in the project, Portugaly makes Jazz more accessible to a wider audience.

"I was taken by surprise by the whole thing, I had never thought of this direction for the song, of spicing it with a little Jazz, a little Blues, an American style – but it turned out beautiful! It creates a nostalgic sense of something that had existed once and was lost… the entire project is truly beautiful and I was glad to take part in it," said Miki Gavrielov.
Din-Din Aviv: "I am glad to be a part of this wonderful project with Ofer Portugaly. To embrace, touch and return to this realm of Jazz that for many years was a source of inspiration and influence and now it flowed so naturally… It was fun working with Ofer. He has the excitement of youth along with maturity, experience and an excellent taste. A gifted musician and a wonderful person… I am blessed!"
"I enjoyed participating in Ofer Portugaly's project that takes familiar songs in different directions of Jazz and Soul music," says Leah Shabbat. "It definitely gave my song a fun, refreshing regeneration!"
Shlomi Shabbat (Leah's brother) listened and was moved: "I heard your version of 'They Will Always be Waiting for You' from Portugaly's project, Perfecttttt!"
So far, three songs from the project were issued as singles for radio promotion:
"I can See Her on the Way to High School" with Miki Gavrielov, "They Will Always be Waiting for You" with Leah Shabbat and "Looks Familiar from Way Back" with Din-Din Aviv.

Tickets at: Elma - Arts complex

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